5 Tips To Improve Your Skin Health

In every living organism, to tell their health within, you only need look at their skin and humans are no exception. If the skin looks healthy then the person is most probably within. In short, your skin is an extension of what you are on the inside, but sometimes, external factors can also contribute to a skin looking unhealthy. Whether external or internal factors, there are some measures one can take to improve his or her skin care.

To begin with, drinking your 6-8 glasses a day could be the first step to improving you skin health. A lack of water in the system could cause dehydration in the body and wrinkles to the skin as the skin needs water to stay fresh and not look dry.

Eating a balanced diet. Your body needs nutrients from all food groups for its optimum performance and your skin needs your body to have all the nutrients from all food groups in other for it to be able to attain its peak health and look. A diet rich in vitamin A, vitamin B complex, Vitamin, Zinc and many others are need for that glowing and healthy skin.

Wash your towel and change your bed sheet and pillow case and bathing sponge often. Your towel, bed sheet, pillow case and bathing sponge are always in direct contact with the skin, and continuous use of them attracts various germs and microbes, it is therefore necessary that the ones that can be washed are washed and disinfected and dried in the sun, and those which cannot be washed are changed frequently. It is said that a bed sheet should be replaced and washed every one week, a bathing sponge should be replaced completely very 4-6 weeks and towels must be washed and dried in the sun after 3 uses.

Enough rest and sleep. Stress and depression have a way of rubbing of your skin. It may look lackluster and dull and continuous stress could even result in developing wrinkles, it is therefore very important that you take time off to rest and catch up on your much needed sleep if you want that glowing and popping skin.

Last but not least, exercise helps to improve your skin health. Getting your blood running with your daily 15-30 minutes jogging will ensure that oxygenated blood enriches all skins cells thereby revitalizing them with oxygen and much needed nutrients. Exercise also improves skin tone and skin elasticity and improves the skin’s endurance to stretches.

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