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Rocky Dawuni Explains Why Stonebwoy Is Not A Grammy Nominee

Well this would come as a shock to the many Stonebwoy fans out there, but the news is Stonebwoy is not a grammy nominee for the year 2021 per the explanations of Rocky Dawuni, who himself has been nominated for this year’s Grammy.

Rocky Dawuni says being featured on an album that is nominated for the Grammy does not make you a nominee, per the rules governing who is or who is not a nominee in the Grammy Awards scheme. He made these comments in an interview Citi TV this week, he however acknowledged the importance such a nomination can have in propelling an artistes’ music.

“There is a lot of confusion, as you would understand, Grammy nomination is for a body of work, so there is a difference between a nominee for a Grammy and also featuring to be part of a song of a Grammy-nominated album.”

“You have contributed to the song, but you are not a nominee. The thing is, I am not the one saying it; you should go to the Academy website and see who are the nominees,” he said.

Rocky Dawuni went on to add that “I think that sometimes…being featured on a record is a great achievement, it’s really great… but we have to also recognise what is… we can’t create our own rules here and be using those rules.”

“I see some of our media houses too not doing their due diligence because if you are a reputable media house, and you are also taking information that is not really the right information, then it diminishes.”

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