CEO Of Twitter Jack Dorsey Resigns

Twitter Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of twitter, Jack Dorsey has stepped down from his position on the social media bird app and has since been succeeded by Twitter’s current Chief technology officer, Parag Agrawal.

Jack Dorsey who is a member of the board will continue to be a on the board until the end of his term in 2022

In a letter posted on his Twitter account, Dorsey said he was “really sad…yet really happy” about leaving the company and that it was his decision. On Sunday, Dorsey had sent a cryptic tweet reading only “I love Twitter.”

Twitter shares have risen by 5% to $47.47, in the morning since the announcement of his resignation

Twitter had been steeped in a heated political environment leading to the 2020 elections, especially after the banning of former president Donald Trump following his role in the January 6 riot at the United States capitol.

Dorsey stood firm on twitter’s decision to ban the former president, stating that Donald Trump’s actions resulted in the risk to public safety and put the company in an “extraordinary and untenable circumstance”. Trump would however not take his ban lying down as he sued twitter, facebook and youtube in July for alleged censorship.

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