Barbados Becomes A Republic After Cutting Ties With The British Monarch

Barbados has created history today, after removing Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and going on to become a Republic. Steps have since been taken to ensure that the new Republic is not without a leader as Dame Sandra Mason was sworn in as president in an overnight ceremony in the capital, Bridgetown.

In attendance at the ceremony was the Prince of Wale and Barbadian singer Rihanna. The swearing in coincided with country’s 55th anniversary of independence.

In his speech, Prince Charles acknowledged the ‘appalling atrocity of slavery’ the Caribbean Island suffered in its history prior to obtaining independence and condemned the act in its entirety.

The breakaway from the British Monarch marks a new era for the Caribbean Island and centuries of British influence including two centuries of serving as a hub for the transatlantic slave trade.

In a show of respect to the British Monarch and to signify the change in power, a final salute was made to the British Monarch and the Royal Standard flag was brought down and replaced with one that represents the new Republic of Barbados

Speaking as a guest of honour at the event, the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles reiterated that Barbados now becoming a Republic should not end the ties and bonds that exist between the new Republic and the British Monarch despite the constitutional status change

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