Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister Back In Office A Few Days After Resigning

Sweden’s first female Prime Minster, Magdalena Andersson is back to being the Prime Minister of the small Scandinavian country after just a few days ago just a few hours of making history as the first ever female Sweden Prime Minister.

And just a few days after her resignation from office, Magdalena Andersson to continue what she started with a hope of being a the helm of affairs for a decade, that is if she can navigate her way beyond all the obstacles and challenges she is sure to face in executing her duties as Prime Minister of Sweden.

“It feels good and I am eager to start working,” Andersson told reporters at a news conference on Monday, which she expressed her determination to pursue an agenda focused on the environment, welfare and battling crime.

The 54 year old former finance minister put her name in the history books last Wednesday as the first female to hold the office of Prime Minister, nearly 100 years after Sweden extended the right to vote to women

It has long been coming since Sweden has been tagged as the ‘home of some of the world’s most progressive gender policies’, and considering Sweden had been lagging behind her neighbours, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, in electing a female to the highest office in the country.

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