I Do Not Go To Church Because God Failed Me When I Needed Him – Sister Derby

Beautiful and popular Ghanaian songstress, television presenter and ex-girlfriend of Medikal, Deborah Vanessa, popularly known as sister derby, has opened up in an interview on her regrets in life and what broker up her relationship with God and why she has since stopped going to church.

Sister Derby in an interview with Nkonkonsa.com was asked about her views on religion and mankind. She expressed her views saying she believes religion is just a ploy to keep people under constant supervision and control, saying that she is very doubtful about the existence of a supreme being

According to her she tries to live right by her own standards, that is she does not insult anyone or take what is not hers, and shares what she has when she can and tries her utmost best to fight for the best interest of the environment and that is her religion but she does not put much importance on any of the holy books

Sister Derby shifted the blame of her failure in the West African Certificate Examination (WAE) on God, insisting that it was her devotion to the Lord’s work that resulted to her failure as she did not give much time to her books and even with that the Lord did not help her to fight her battle

“I went to church when I was about to write my WAEC but [that] didn’t help me and I actually regret not focusing on my chemistry and elective maths but rather going to the chapel,” she said,

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