I Got To Know I Was The Son Of A Rich Man When I Turned 13 – Davido

Popular award winning Nigerian artiste, Davido, born David Adeleke has opened up on his childhood and what it was like growing up with his father, who is one of the richest men in Nigeria and Africa, with a net worth of $1 billion.

Amazing enough in the words of Davido himself, he was never really aware of the wealth of his father until he turned 13. According to Davido, growing up with his father was a tough one as his father put his work first before his children so he never really had that father-son connection when growing up

He also revealed how humble his dad is, attributing his dad’s humility to why he only got to know that he was the son of a rich man after turning 13. According to the musician despite his father’s great wealth, his old man chose to drive in a Honda Accord while his mother opted for Toyota

“Even till date, he is still so humble with the way he spends and goes about his business. The way he handles his business is still amazing to me,” he said on Instagram.

“I remember growing up till I was like 11, I wasn’t close to my dad because it was all about work work work. I remember him coming home late every day. I didn’t know what he was doing. I didn’t know we were rich till probably I was like 13 because he lived so normal.”

“He has a Civic Honda Accord and a driver, my mom had a Toyota or something, and I didn’t know until we moved to the new house. So we get to the new house, I will never forget and I’m like oh really,” Davido revealed.

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