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You Can Pursue Music As A Career And Make It Work – D-Black

Contrary to popular believe and saying that there is no future in music and that music don’t pay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blakk Avenue Musik, D-Black is seeking to change the narrative and mindset of many out there, insisting that there is a future in doing music full time.

Speaking in an interview on TV3’s Showbiz 360, the enjoyment minister rubbished the notion that musicians must engage in other businesses and what have you to make ends meet, insisting those are days long past and now music can be pursued as a career and full time job and you will be rewarded handsomely for the leap of faith

“I want to say that music, just like every other job, can be done as a full-time job and you can make it work if you want. What I have realised is that there are three stages in the business, depending on where you get to, you need to know what to do,” he stated.

“For example, if from the beginning you had a single room and things get better, it is automatic that your taste will change because you are no more earning what you used to when you started; responsibilities get many and that is where you need to pause and make good decisions. It is at this point that whatever decision you take or how you go about things will affect certain aspects of your life,” he concluded on the matter.

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