20 Year Old Lady Who Took Doctor To Court For Overseeing Her Birth Wins Case

20 year old Evie Toombes, sued the doctor of her mother who oversaw to her birth, and has won the case against the doctor and is set for a huge compensation fee, which is still being calculated by her lawyers.

Evie Tombees is a showjumper who lives with a spina bifida (spinal defect), filed a case against Dr. Philip Mitchell for not giving her mother sound medical advise during a carriage and this has resulted in the historic and unprecedented ruling in her favour.

She accused Dr. Philip Mitchell, is their family doctor of failing to advise her mother against conceiving at the time she did and on the appropriate measures to take to minimize risk to baby (Evie Toombes), and this failure on the part of the doctor resulted in her being born with spina bifida (spinal defect)

She attributed the family doctor’s negligence to her ‘wrongful conception’, which has ensured she stay disabled for the rest of her life. She argued her mom was not advised by her doctor one medication to take to ensure to gives birth to her health baby.

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