Court Orders Mona Gucci To Compensate Yvonne Nelson GHC50,000 For Defamation

This is why we always advise that you take care in what you say against people especially when you cannot prove it when asked to proof it. Now look at Mona Gucci, she did not listen and now she is in trouble with the law and has to compensate Yvonne Nelson GHC50,000 over a defamation charge that was leveled against her.

Yvonne Nelson sued the TV personality for defamation for comments she made about her, saying she was a knew the source of her wealth and that she would not be deceived by her good girl act, blah blah blah.

Mona said at the time: “Yvonne doesn’t show off, but she is a slay because you know the slay queen it entails a lot, we have both showing off and some contacts and people who we know that the things that you do and the lifestyle you exhibit, someone is paying for you behind the scenes”

Yvonne Nelson who took offense at her comments decided to settle the score using the law and went on to sue Mona Gucci for defamation. Mona Gucci showed contempt to the court and the Judge as she made not even one appearance during the course of the trial.

She has now been ordered by the court to pay Yvonne Nelson up to the tune of GHC50,000 for damages to her person and her image.

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