Ghana Police To Start Inspecting COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Starting January 2022

Come January 2022, Ghana police will start inspecting COVID-19 vaccination cards of all commercial and motorbike riders to ensure that these group of people have all been vaccinated in order to continue with their businesses.

It does not end there, as all Government workers and will also be expected to show evidence of having been vaccinated in order to be allowed into their workplaces and anyone or persons who miss work due to the exercise will not be paid the month’s salary

The exercise will also be extended to students of 15 years and above, who are all expected to get vaccinated before the next academic year. Teachers and non-teaching staff are also to get vaccinated while workers and patrons of restaurants, stadiums, beaches, night clubs, and just about any public place, will have to show proof of their vaccination before entry

This measure is part mandatory vaccination policy which was started yesterday and is to come into effect on January 2022, after Government declared December a National Vaccination Month

The Health Minister, Mr. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, made the announcement when he launched the National Vaccination Month in Accra yesterday.

“Under the initial implementation of the mandatory vaccine policy, certain groups of the population and patrons and workers of certain recreational and sporting venues must get vaccinated compulsorily,” he said.

“The groups include all workers of government institutions and parastatals, workers of health institutions, all commercial drivers and riders, all security personnel, as well as students and teaching and non-teaching staff of all secondary and tertiary institutions.”

“Modalities for strict implementation have been laid down, and as part of them, the police would be checking vaccination certificates, in addition to driving licences of commercial drivers and riders.”

“Workers of all government institutions, health facilities and educational facilities will also not be allowed into such workplaces without vaccination certificates, and absence from work due to this reason will deprive a worker of his or her salary,” the Minister of Health said.

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