I Have More Endorsement Deals Than Kidi Because I Am Better Than Him And Have More Followers – Kuami Eugene

For someone who asked Kidi to stop talking about it, it is rather surprising that Kuami Eugene should around talking about Kidi especially on a bragging spree at the expense of Kidi

For two artistes who are signed onto the same record label, Lynx Entertainment, there seems to be a lot of bad blood surrounding the two and the recent comments of Kuami Eugene is not going to sit well with Kidi who may want to respond but will be conflicted since he promised not to talk about his colleague ever again after he asked him not to talk about him in interviews.

Well you would be wondering what at all Kuami Eugene has done to warrant this rant. Well Kuami Eugene in an interview, might I add unprovoked stated that reason why he has more endorsement deals than Kidi is because he is more loved by the masses and has a stronger connection with them unlike his colleague.

He made these comments in an interview with DJ Slim on ABN’s radio 1, where he went on to brag about how he has been able to garner five endorsement deals, attributing it to his connection with the masses who view his as one of them, unlike Kidi.

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