Mercedes Benz Unveils New Maybach Electric Car Designed By Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh, may be dead but his works in this world are still manifesting as giant German car making company Mercedes Benz have unveiled a Virgil Abloh designed electric car.

Virgil Abloh was reported dead a few days ago after battling with a rare form of cancer that finally claimed his life. His works on earth continue to manifest however.

The collaboration between Virgil Abloh and the car making company which was dubbed ‘project maybach’, was set to be a private release to the press but the plans were shelved after a request from Virgil Abloh’s family, which resulted in the electric car being exhibited to the public on December 2 and 3

Project Maybach which was designed by Virgil Abloh is a two-seater electric maybach that portrays the designers attention to fine detail and luxurious taste.

A press release from the company explained that the company opened Project Maybach to the public in order to honour Virgil’s wishes and memory.

“Our thoughts are with Virgil’s family and teams,” the official statement reads. “In order to respectfully honour the work of a uniquely talented designer who, through his unbridled imagination, has created endless opportunities for collaboration and inspired everyone who knew his work, Mercedes-Benz is opening up Project MAYBACH, and with it Virgil’s unique vision, to the public.”

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