Event Organisers Lament About High Charges From Musicians

The festive season is upon us once again and true to the spirit of the festive season, Ghanaians are going to be bombarded by numerous shows here and there from now onward to the new year. To ensure a successful show, event organisers go for the very best entertainers.

Big names however do not come cheap, but event organisers are beginning to be alarmed by some of the prices some of this so called big artiste vomit out their mouths. Kwesi Ernest, who is both an artiste manager and an event organiser has expressed worry at how expensive some of these musicians have become especially at a time when the entertainment industry has taken a big hit from Covid-19.

“We are in this business together so I expect these musicians to be considerate when we come to them. The rates they mention nowadays are outrageous. You call Amakye Dede and he is charging GH¢80,000 and Kojo Antwi is charging above that.”

“You cannot mention such an amount in this COVID-19 era. I am not saying they don’t deserve to take that amount but not in these COVID times. What is the point of charging big and not getting anything instead of coming to an agreement with the event organisers and taking something good.”

“I manage artiste myself and I know how it feels if you need to beat your price down but I know we are not in good times and I will consider an event organiser if they need the services of my artiste,” he said.

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