Edem Sympathizes With Those Affected By Commercial Drivers Strike

Today was a very bad day for those who rely on commercial vehicles to commute from one place to another as they has to bare the brunt of the decision by commercial drivers to embark on a nationwide strike.

The decision of commercial drivers to embark on a nationwide strike arose from failure of Government to address their concerns over the incessant increase in fuel prices and their plea to Government to scrap a few of the taxes imposed on the purchase of fuel as they believe it would go a long way to reduced the cost of buying fuel

Upon numerous consultation with Government a general consensus was reached but Government failed to follow through on their agreement and so they went on a nationwide strike, leaving many commuters stranded on the roads

The strike has since been suspended after the drivers union had a meeting with the presidency but that was after all the suffering thousands of Ghanaians had to go through as they were forced to trek long distances to get to their various work stations and destination

Ghanaian musician, Edem however is someone who has shown that the suffering of Ghanaians today have not gone unnoticed as he took to twitter to show solidarity to those who walk long distances to their work station and schools.

He tweeted, “Oh chale, to all my brothers and sisters walking to work and those walking to school and various places..My Solidarity with you all #Edem #Gogetem

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