The People Are Suffering – Sarkodie Sends Message To Government Following Commercial Drivers Striker

Sarkodie has finally caved in to pressure and added his voice to the good people of Ghana following the economic hardship in the country and most recently today’s incident of commercial drivers embarking on a nationwide strike.

According to the rapper, the good people of Ghana are suffering in wake of the numerous taxes imposed on them, the rising fuel prices, high cost of living, high unemployment rate and now worker unions embarking on strikes here and there.

Sarkodie who is believed by many aligned with the political party in power in a tweet sent a message to the Government of the people’s suffering and that measures be taken to reduce the suffering of the people.

He stressed on the importance of Government to create the right environment for work to be done and to lead to a productive outcome, driving home that everyone is suffering. The unemployed are suffering and those even with jobs have not been left out as they also lament about the economic hardship in the country.

“The people are going through it !!! We always do !!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive”

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