We Can Also Fill Up The O2 Arena – Kwesi Arthur Hypes Up Ghanaian Artistes

Kwesi Arthur has made a big claim for Ghanaian artistes out there, insisting that they can fill up the most talked about O2 Arena just like their Nigerian counterparts like Wizkid and other artistes who have been filling up the arena for sometime now.

Kwesi Arthur was responding to a comment made by a netizen who said the top 3 Ghanaian artiste could not fill up the O2 Arena but Kwesi Arthur was quick to disagree with the comments, insisting that Ghanaian artistes can equally fill up the O2 Arena just like others are doing.

According to Kwesi Arthur, what is holding Ghanaian artiste back is their promotion. He noted that the investment other artistes put into their promotion far supersedes what Ghanaians artistes put into their promotion and that if they are able to put in more into promotion, nothing stops them from also filling up the O2 Arena

In other news, Kwesi Arthur expressed his desire to one day get a nomination to the Grammy and go all the way to win it, adding that earning a Grammy is the ultimate recognition of an artiste’s work

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