DKB Fires Sarkodie For Being A Blind Loyalist Supporter Of The NPP

Sarkodie might have released the no pressure album but he must be feeling all the pressure right now after he came out yesterday to speak against the incumbent which political party which he is known to have previously aligned himself with. Ghanaians aren’t having none of it, and DKB is certainly not having any of it either.

The comedian has labeled Sarkodie a hypocrite who out there trying to appear to speak for the people when it is very obvious he is a supporter of the National Patriotic Party Government having supported them during the campaign period to come into power

DKB took to twitter to let rip on Sarkodie. He twitted, “Nothing annoys me like a celebrity who has shown party colors but thinks we can’t see & tryna pretend to be speaking for the people”

“Me DKB I be real, if I ever endorse a party and things aren’t going well, I’ll say it! The fans are not stupid, they see everything!”, he added

It would appear DKB was speaking the minds of the people as many gave positive reactions to his tweet with some encouraging the comedian to name his colleagues are into such acts.

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