4 More Or No More?

“4 More To Do More”, that was the campaign slogan of Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and the National Patriotic Party (NPP) in their plea to Ghanaians to be re-elected into office. They have been given the nod and they are doing more, just that the more is not what Ghanaians had in mind when they gave Akufo-Addo and the NPP a second term in power

4 More To Do More. More taxes, more corruption, more hardship, more cost, that is the reality of the ordinary Ghanaian in today’s Ghana. In my years of existence, I have never seen or heard Ghanaians despair as much as they do in this current administration. We are devoid of hope and utterly dejected

And as the people cry out for help, for respite, it would appear the man in-charge of everything cannot hear their cries or has decided to turn a deaf ear to the public outcry. He continues to charter expensive high end luxurious jets for his foreign travels, while our presidential jet has been reduced to an ‘uber’ which is being used by other African Presidents who do not have jets of their own

We are being told that the country is broke and deep in debt and and therefore asked to pay more tax to bridge the gap between our expenditure and revenue but our father is not doing what he asks of his own children

An e-levy tax has been introduced which everyone is kicking against but the people we voted into power to work in our interest are not listening to us when we say we do not want it. They talk like they are rather doing us a favour and so we should stop the moaning and pay up so they can use it to buy a new presidential jet which matches the high tastes and expectations of our ‘Dada Bee’ president

4 More or No More. I cannot speak for others but I know where I stand in all this. What I can confidently say however is that many Ghanaians are living in regret, they openly express their wish that they had made a different choice during the 2020 general elections.

But its too late, its all done and dusted. Its no use dwelling on the past. We must learn to live with our choices because we made them. This was our choice, and this is the outcome and we must learn to live with it while it last. May God make it easy for us!

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