Burkina Faso Government Dissolved Over Insecurity

The Government of Burkina Faso was dissolved yesterday Wednesday, December 8, following a public protest denouncing the Government’s inability to handle the continuous attacks from the Jihadists.

Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Christophe Joseph-Marie Dabire presented a letter of resignation to the President, Roch Marc Christian Kabore and has duly been accepted. Christophe Joseph-Marie Dabire’s resignation signifies an end of an administration, according to Burkinabe constitution.

The General Secretary of the Government, Stephane Sanou, announced the resignation of the Prime Minister, reading out a presidential declaration which said  “The functions of Prime Minister of Mr. Dabiré are terminated,” on public television.

In accordance with the texts, “the members of the outgoing government ensure the dispatch of the current affairs of the ministerial departments until the formation of a new government,” said Mr. Sanou.

“I invite the Burkinabés, as a whole, to mobilize, to support the president of Faso and the new executive that will be put in place. I remain convinced that it is through unity of action that we will be able to meet the challenges facing our country and our people, ” said Mr Dabiré on his Facebook page.

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