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Ghana Has A Leadership Problem – Martha Ankomah

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has shown that she is not only a pretty face or has only talent for the television screens but is also to a degree knowledgeable in the issues of leadership and a country’s development to know that our beloved Ghana’s problems is as a result of leadership.

She used a comparative study of Dubai and Ghana to make her argument. Her submission was that as early as the early 2000’s, Dubai was more or less a desert wasteland and in less than two decades has been built to become a world attraction with only oil as its notable natural resource

Ghana on the other hand is blessed with every known natural resource you can think to mention but after more than sixty years of gaining independence, we still lack roads, water and other basic needs.

She added that American and European countries should not even be able to lend Africa, ie Ghana money as they have nothing to boast of in terms of natural resources but we find ourselves going to them to beg, cup in hand, leveraging on our natural resources and robbing the future generations of the inheritance.

She therefore called on the nation’s leadership to sit up and work for the universal good of the people lest posterity judge them for their failures.

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