I Am The Best Thing That Could Happen To Any Man – Actress Fella Makafui

If what Fella Makafui says about herself is true, then we can be rest assured our chairman, Medikal is fully enjoying his marriage. This comes off the fact that the actress and entrepreneur has come out on social media to post some very saucy pictures of herself and praising herself to be the best.

Fella Makafui, who is also known as Mrs. Frimpong crowned her lovely pitcures with the caption, “Only red flag about me is that I’m too good to be true!!

Now that is high praise especially coming from oneself as we all have our shortcomings as individuals and most often than not we do not even realise our shortcomings until we listen to what others think of us.

According to Fella Makafui however, her red flag as a matter of fact is not a red flag at all but rather a white flag if there anything like that as according to her she is too good to be true.

Going by her words, our man Medikal is in the very best of hands and all appears to be so as the rapper always seems to have a broader smile when he is captured with his sweet wife.

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