Factors To Consider When Choosing A Partner

Choosing a life partner could be arguably the most important life decision you will ever make. Its so important that it has a bearing on not just you but your future children. But no pressure, that is why we are here, to give you want you could call a guideline in choosing a partner

We are not here to talk about superficial attributes such a height, work, salary, color of the eyes and what have you. We are here to talk about qualities that everyone must have and so must their partner, to ensure that the relationship is enjoyable for all involved

Top of my list of factors to consider when choosing a partner would be patience. I cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing a partner who is patient enough to listen to you before jumping into conclusion or taking action which could alter your world. Like the old age adage goes, “to err is human, but to forgive is divine”, making mistakes is human, it is to be expected of all of us, so we should look out for partners who understand this concept and have the patience to bare with us as we showcase our human qualities.

Second on my list would be communication. Communication is the life blood of any human relation so you should look out for a partner who is able to communicate his or her feelings to you and not leave you guessing all the time what may be wrong. We are all adults, it is only babies who struggle and children who struggle with communication and cannot clearly say what they feel or want. Do not get yourself hooked to a ‘big baby’, get someone who can communicate

Choose a partner who has a dream and is hardworking enough to work for it. Relationships are really complicated. There is no one correct answer for how to handle your relationship or partner, but want we can do is look out for qualities which we will need in our partners to ensure we are fulfilled. We all have dreams and aspirations but not all of us are willing to work towards are dreams. Being someone who has a plan and works towards that plan and finding yourself with someone who just goes with the flow could be frustrating.

Choose a partner who will support your dreams and not be threatened by your successes. This is mostly to the ladies as they have to sacrifice so much to raise a home, increasing their need for a supportive and understanding partner. Also men tend to feel ‘little’ when their partner is doing better than them, some men even begin to fight their partner’s success, it is therefore very important to choose a partner who will help you achieve your dreams without being threatened of your successes.

Last but not least, choose a partner who respects you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. I put this last not deliberately but it could easily have been the first because it is so important that your partner respects you and treats you right. It is said that respect is reciprocal and for that matter you must give in order to get. Do not compromise on the respect and ensure that you are treated the way you deserve and not have to beg and nag before you are treated right.

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