Serwaa Amihere And Kidi Argue On Who Loses When A Man And Woman Breakup In A Relationship

There has been something of a banter between Ghanaian musician Kidi and television presenter, Serwaa Amihere, who have been talking about who loses when a man and a woman breakup in a relationship.

The ‘touch it’ crooner went to twitter to put up the question why women usually think their partners are the ones who lose when their relationship falls on the rocks.

He tweeted: “Why’s it that when there’s a break up. It’s always the woman thinking the man has fumbled a “good thing” and he’ll never find a woman like her?”

His tweet has attracted a lot of reactions from netizens who came out to share their thoughts on his question.

Most men were of the view that women also lose when their relationship suffers a relationship as they may never be able to find in a new relationship what they enjoyed in their previous relationship. Women took a different stance on the topic, standing firm on their assertion that men are those who lose when there is a breakup as they usually come running back to them after breaking up with their female partners.

Serwaa Amihere had her thoughts on the topic of the day, asserting that indeed in some cases women also come out as losers when a relationship hits the rocks.

In her assertion: “Not always. We lose good men too. Infact there are several of them”

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