Kim Kardashian Scolds North West For Going Live On TikTok Without Permission

The first born of Kanye West, now Ye and Kim Kardashian, North West incurred the wrath of her mother today when she put the interior of their mansion on display live on TikTok without seeking permission first.

North West who is only 8 years old appears to be some kind of tech prodigy as she live on tiktok, giving us a tour of her family’s Hidden Hills home without Kim Kardashian’s permission

The cute little girl can be heard in the video saying, “Let’s give a house tour”, and proceeded to film the hallway of their mansion showing as their oddly shaped christmas tree indicating that the family is well and truly in the christmas spirit.

Kim Kardashian was not pleased with her daughter when she ratted herself out by shouting to her mom, “Mom, I’m Live,” amidst giggles

Kim Kardashian could be heard scolding her daughter in the video, telling her off, “No, stop. You are not allowed to”, North West quickly says “Ok, bye”, to her followers before cutting the video but not before her mother can be heard asking, “is she really live?”

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