No Media Person Should Be A Member Of The Board Of Any Public Institution – Kwame Pianim

High respected Ghanaian economist, Kwame Pianim has expressed worry at the current trend of appointing journalists to serve as board members on boards of public institutions.

He is of the view that such a practice should be shunned by successive Governments in order to keep the integrity of the media intact and also keep the media private.

The economist also noted that journalists working on boards of public institutions compromises their work as they cannot be circumspect in their work nor criticize the Government when they err.

Kwame Pianim’s comments come in wake of the worrying trend of journalist being appointed into boards of public institutions notable examples being the recent appointments of Paul Adom-Otchere (Metro TV) and Kwame Sefa-Kayi (Peace FM) to the boards of Ghana Airports Company Ltd and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Speaking in an interview on The Asaase Breakfast Show, Kwame Pianim had thise to say, “I said it at our meeting the other time: no media person should be a member of the board of any public institution.”

“How can you criticise a government that you are a part of? If you are a think tank, you are criticising policy, you should not be part of policymaking.”

“You and I should also make sure that we speak the truth. The media (the fourth estate), yours is to speak truth to power, and I have told my friends who are in the media that if you are easily dazzled by the glare of power don’t get close to power,” Pianim said.

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