I Am A Self-Made Woman – Efia Odo

We all know the negative vibe that surrounds Efia Odo and how she keeps body and soul together and also afford all the luxuries she flaunts on social media.

Well the video vixen and entrepreneur is having none of it, insisting that she has never had to lay back down and eyes on the ceiling in order to survive as is the general believe out there.

She took to twitter to make her proclamation of needing no man for nothing but many did not buy her statement that she has never needed a man or would ever need a man to survive.

Whether what she says is true or not that is all by the way. In Ghana there is a common trend that is catching full swing that I believe we must address as a people before it gets out of hand and innocent people suffer for it.

What am I talking about? I am talking of the tagging women who tend to do well on their own as ‘ashawo’, just because they are doing well does not mean they are having to lay back down and eyes on the ceiling

We must therefore put a stop to that practice as there are many hardworking women out therefore who have all they have by virtue of the sacrifices and hard work they put in.

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