Ungrateful Afia Schwar Descends On Samira Bawumia For Gifting Her A Book

Pleasing a human being is the most difficult thing to do in as Samira Bawumia will soon realise once she sees the video we at standupgh.com have sighted

So in the video sighted by standupgh.com, our very own loud mouth comedienne, Afia Schwar is seen talking about how she received a phone call from an unknown number telling her that she is to receive a gift from the second lady of our land, Samira Bawumia.

The comedienne indicated that she was at the hospital at the time of the call as father is currently unwell and has been hospitalized and out of joy she went on her knees to pray something she hadn’t done even with her father hospitalized

She quickly rushed home expecting her package from the first lady with very high expectations, only to be presented with a book, something she was clearly not pleased with and did not mince her words in the video

Accusing the delivery man of theft and what have you as according to her the second lady would not do such a thing.

It is unfortunately the video has since been deleted but we are sure our detailed description will give you a picturesque idea of what transpired

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