DKB Narrates Narrow Escape From Death At Hotel In Kumasi

Many things can bring a man closer to his Lord and Personal saviour and top amongst the list is the narrow escape from death and no doubt Ghanaian comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney’s (DKB) narrow escape from death has left a mark on him, one he decided to share with his friends and fans so we all learn from his experience.

According to the comedian, he was billed to perform at an event in Kumasi and chose to lodge at a not too fancy guest house and his bid to cut down on expenses almost cost him his life.

He explained that in the early hours of the morning he felt the urge to pray and got out of bed to commune with the Lord and he believes it is the little prayer that saved him from dying that fateful day

He said after praying, he walked into the washroom to attend to nature’s call and in the process came into contact with a naked live wire which almost took his life but for the grace of God

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