Gifty Anti Laments Suffering Disrespect From Her Favourite Celebrity

Celebrated television icon, Gifty Anti has becried how she suffered disrespect from a celebrity she holds in high esteem adding that she is having to summon all her energy to resist the urge to bite back.

Gifty Anti is one of the few celebrities who is not shy to open up on what they want to say or do but right now the now retired newscaster is struggling within herself to retaliate against a celebrity who had the infantry to disrespect.

According to Gifty Anti, although the celebrity in person did not name check her, everybody is somebody so for him to make mockery of somebody’s car just because it is not as flashy as his or expensive as his is him invariably making fun of her as she herself drives a not so flashy not so expensive ‘china made’ car

Gifty Anti who is a role model for many girls out there revealed she is finding it very hard not to bite back at the culprit for making fun of her and others to living according to their means and not living a fake life like many are found of doing

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