I Told My Agent To Get Me Out Of Arsenal After Just Three Months – Willian

Change is inevitable but change does not always have the desired outcome seek and Brazilian winger, Willian scaling the Stamford Bridge for the thunderous Gunners that is Arsenal is out change that did not have the desired outcome for both player and new club.

The Brazilian join Arsenal from Chelsea on a free transfer in 2020 on a three year contract but things quickly turned sour between player and new club and the player after just a year with Arsenal agreed with the club to cut short his stint

He has now opened up on how he felt during his time with the Gunners and what contributed to his poor form; “I was not happy, that’s why I didn’t perform. I don’t want to go into the details, but I wasn’t happy.

“So, when I arrived there I was happy, from the beginning I was motivated, I wanted to do well, new club, new mates, new projects.

“After three months, I told my agent ‘please, I want to go’. I don’t want to speak bad about the club because it is a big club, has a big history in football, big players played there before it’s a big club – but it didn’t work, it was, of course, the most difficult time of my career.”

“Yeah, it was big money that I gave up – money is not the most important thing in life, you need to be happy, to be getting pleasure and wake up and want to go to training,” he said.

“I wasn’t having that, so I said to myself, with my family and my wife ‘I cannot stay here, I am not happy here, I have to leave and find a way out to leave the club.’ For me, it is unfair to stay in a place you don’t want to stay just because of the money.”

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