We Promote Nigerian Music More Than Our Own – Guru Laments

Guru has expressed his disgust at the current state of the Ghana music industry, where industry players choose to promote more of Nigerian music than their own music and the painful thing is Nigerians do not even reciprocate the kind gesture.

Guru made these comments in an interview on TV3’s showbiz 360 with Maradona Yeboah Adjei, where he lamented how Ghanaian music products do not get the same support Nigerians despite the fact that Ghanaians invest more energy in promoting Nigerian music to the detriment of their own music.

He noted that it should be a scratch my back I scratch your back kind of relationship and not the one sided one currently being witness which one has Nigerian music winning

“The rate at which Ghanaians promote Nigerian artistes should be the same energy vice versa. We believe in patriotism. It is about time we look at the bigger picture.”

He further stated that “If we all can be on a bigger picture, that would be awesome. Even though we shoot quality videos, Nigerians do not promote them like the way we promote their music here.”

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