Court Orders Dubai Ruler To Pay Ex-Wife $728 Million In Divorce Settlement

A British Court has handed the ruler of Dubai the order to pay his ex-wife and their children $728 million in divorce settlement which makes it one of the most expensive divorce settlements in British history.

The court ordered the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to pay 251.5 million pounds to his sixth wife, Princess Haya Al Hussein and was also ordered to make outgoing payments to their children, Al Jalila, 14 years old and Zayed, 9 years old summing up to 290 million pounds.

The sum the children could receive could well exceed the 290 million pounds depending on factors such as how long they live and the they are able to mend their relationship with their father, the ruler of Dubai. The settlement includes a yearly 11 million pounds to cover the security detail of Princess Haya and her children.

The Judge of the court who pronounced judgement, Judge Moor made the order for the ruler of Dubai to pay for security for Princess Haya are he is of the view that the family need ‘water-tight security’ and that the ruler of Dubai poses a bigger threat to mother and children more than external factors.

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