Samini And Stonebwoy Put Feud Behind Them To Give Fans The Best Performance At The 2021 BHIM Concert

It is always sad to see father and son at loggerheads with each other. Samini and Stonebwoy may not be father and son, but they once shared a relationship akin to that of a father and son until they went on separate paths over a feud

So imagine the joy of Ghanaian music lovers when they saw that ‘father and son’ had smoked the peace pipe after years of feuding to give us the very best of their vocal talents

They have been at loggerheads with each other for so long that some have even forgotten what brought about their separation but it had something to do with Samini suggesting in an interview that Stonebwoy did not appreciate him enough for bringing him out of obscurity

But that is all behind us now as the two men have transcended the limitations of men to forgive one another of their shortcomings and to that effect Samini made a surprise appearance at Stonebwoy’s BHIM concert with the two rolling back the years to remind us of what could have been but now is. Better late than never.

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