Twene Jonas Takes Teacher Kwadwo To The Cleaners Following Sack

Ghana’s very own freedom fighter and voice for the voiceless, Twene Jonas has waded in on the sacking of Teacher Kwadwo by the Ghana Education Service over a supposed misconduct.

Teacher Kwadwo shared the news of his sack from Ghana Education Service, describing the reason behind his sack as funny and now Twene Jonas who is based in the United States but never misses out on the current happenings in Ghana has descended on Teacher Kwadwo

According to Twene Jonas, teacher Kwadwo should stop his endless ranting on social media and pretending to make it look as if he is not in the least bit affected by his dismissal by the Ghana Education Service and draw a distinct line between his career and profession.

One of the reason sighted by the Ghana Education Service in terminating Teacher Kwadwo’s contract was his inability to prepare lesson notes, something Twene Jonas jumped on when addressing Teacher Kwadwo in his social media commentary

The Ghana Education Service was not left out of Twene Jonas’ wrath as he called the institution for jumping on such a flimsy reason to terminate the contract of one of the very best teachers in the country, suggesting that their decision smells of a witch hunt

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