My Career Is My Priority, I Do Not Have Time To Mentor New Talents – King Promise

Ghanaian musician, King Promise has revealed that number one on his list is to invest all his time and energy into his musical career and for that reason, he cannot take his eye of the all to groom new talents.

According to the artiste, he is not where he wants to be as a musician and for that reason he must focus all his energy into pushing his music career to the next level and that task would become almost impossible if he tries to share his time between his career and mentoring upstarts.

The musician made these revelations on TV3 where he emphasized that when the time is right and he is where he wants to be in terms of his music then he may consider walking the young ones on the path of greatness.

“I’m not grooming people right now because I’m still working on my career and taking it to the next level.”

“If I ever want to work with someone, I have to make time for them, and I also spend the majority of my time doing music.” “I will train people when the time comes,” he added.

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