Samini Warns Kevin Taylor

Dancehall artiste, Samini, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday has issued an express warning to UK based Ghanaian media man, Kevin Taylor to stop sticking his nose in his business.

Samini in an interview on Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty revealed the lengths he would go to deal with people who are out to tarnish his hard earned reputation and years of hard work in building and internationally recognized brand.

The multiple award winning artiste expressed his concerned at Kevin Taylors continuous habit of making false allegations against him and the height of it is him dragging his innocent family into his personal vendetta with him, something Samini categorically stated he would not countenance.

Samini added that all the heat he is suffering from the media man is because of his alliance with the ruling party, the New Patriotic Party, adding that it is his right to align himself with whichever political party and for that matter should not be the target of a witch hunt

In his own words;

“..If you want me to think about those people, how am I going to get to do anything if I don’t step up to the table and be part of those who change the narrative? If I have the ambition to be a politician to be able to represent one of the poorest parts of the country and you’re saying I should think about them; are you not contradicting yourself?

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