Black Sheriff Showcases His Skating Skills

Black Sheriff is proving to the whole world that he is not only blessed in writing music and singing, but he is also blessed with enormous amounts of courage and balance to attempt a sport which is not very common in our part of the world.

Skating which was not very common and still not very common in Ghana is seen as a ‘dada ba’ kinda sport and Black Sheriff has pulled out of his video archives a not so old video of himself skating with such expertise that we could actually send him to the Olympics to represent the country in the skating competitions and not do too bad.

In the video the ‘second sermon’ hitmaker skates with so much ease and composure that one would think he was born on a skate. Giving us a few daredevil stunts along the way to show that he is a man of many talents.

Black Sheriff is currently enjoying the best moment of his young music career as he is enjoying the exposure and success that comes with music. His relationship with Nigerian Grammy Award wining musician, Burna Boy has also helped to propel him to greater success as the two recently released a remix of Black Sheriff’s ‘second sermon’ and also suggesting they will be going on a world tour together soon.

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