E-Levy Will Be Useless If We Do Not Tackle Corruption – Pentecoast Council

The Pentecoastal and Charismatic Council has added its thought on the Government’s insistence on implementing the e-levy which is a key component of the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy Document.

According to the council, the projected revenue expected to be realised from e-levy will amount to nought if Government does not tackle the culture of wastage and corruption in our public institutions.

The Pentecoastal and Charismatic Council in a statement on the christmas festivities noted that Ghana loses more money annually to corruption than we could ever hope to realise through e-levy, referencing the 2020 Auditor General’s Report which indicated that in excess of GHC12 billion to mismanagement and corruption.

“For what is the sense in seeking to raise GHS6.9 billion through the E-Levy when more than twice that amount would be lost through preventable and deliberate corrupt practices by individuals and institutions at the expense of the very few taxpayers who are still being over-taxed? Fight against Covid-19.”

“While the Council will continue to applaud the government for the many initiatives taken over the last few years to strengthen and resource our anti-corruption institutions to execute their mandate, it is our considered opinion that these efforts are not yielding the desired results as indicated by the Auditor General’s Reports and therefore calls on government to in the coming year take practical steps in retrieving all such funds reported missing through the several Auditor General’s Reports, including prosecuting persons through whose actions such financial irregularities occur.”

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