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NPP Have Voted Themselves Out Of Power With The E-Levy – Speaker Of Parliament

It is the believe of the speaker of parliament, Alban Bagbin, that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) will be invariably voting themselves into opposition should they go through with the passing of the e-levy.

The imposition of the 1.75% electronic transactions levy has been a reason for great controversy in Ghana and parliament, which even led to members of parliament trading blows in their last sitting on Tuesday, December 21.

The Speaker of Parliament is therefore calling on the NPP to reconsider their stance on the passing of the e-levy adding that ruling parties sometimes cause their own downfall with their inability to listen to the masses.

“As you go around trying to convince Ghanaians to vote for you and your party, others with big pockets are facilitating your parties and when you win power, they get the positions, not you. So they don’t have that understanding, so there is that missing link.”

“So they come to impose their ideas on you to rather take party interest first not Ghana first, and we always vote ourselves out of power, which my colleagues in the NPP are doing now. So don’t be surprised in the next election, if they don’t win. It is very clear that if this e-levy goes through, they have lost the election.”

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