TikTok Beats Google To Most Popular Site In 2021

Google has been dethroned as the most popular site by a newbie, TikTok finishes 2021 as the most visited website. New data released by online web optimization and security company cloudflare has revealed.

The viral video app has brought an end to the search engine’s years of dominance and which ranked number one as most popular website for all of 2020 and early part of 2021.

Google was unable to hold its own against the budding social media app which already boasts of over a billion active users across the globe. Tiktok also left behind in its wake big boys such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix, which were all placed above the viral video app last year,

One of the deciding factors of TikToks dominance has to do with the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in users flocking to the viral video app as a source of entertainment. The browsing pattern brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic continued in the same vain.

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