Checkout Karim Benzema’s Mind Blowing Car Collection

Sportsmen, be it a footballer, basketball player or what have you, they all love one thing in common, their love for exotic, fast and expensive cars, and yes, they love models too.

Luckily for them, they are paid well enough to accommodate their lavish lifestyle. Today the sportsman we want to put the limelight on in relation to his taste in exotic, fast and expensive cars is French international and Spanish and European giants Real Madrid’s super striker, Karim Benzema.

Karim Benzema is acknowledged as one of the best strikers in the last decade, leading the front line of Real Madrid in three consecutive Champions League trophies, so that bit of him being a very good footballer is pretty much established.

He did not start football straight away with the Spanish Giants as he like many can look back to his humble beginnings and pat himself in the back. Karim had his first good contract with French Ligue 1 side, Olympic Lyonnaise, shortly after turning 18 and getting his license. What did young Karim do with his new found wealth? He quickly walked into the offices of BMW and bought himself the BMW M6 as a belated birthday present, which boast of 507 horsepower and according to the player himself, “it was a crazy thing at the time”


But that was not Karim’s very first car, remember he started from humble beginnings. His first car was was less exotic, less fast and less expensive. It was a Mini Cooper S he bought from a friend. Confessing that he had to give his friend so much trouble for him to sell the car to him.

Mini Cooper S

Karim Benzema is now a big boy and his latest toys in the garage make mockery of the Mini Cooper S and even the BMW M6 which he still uses by the way. Asked how many cars he has, the super striker could not give a number but rather revealed that he has 6 collection’s cars.

Naming the likes of McLaren, SLR, Bugatti Veyron, GL65 AMG, RS4, M6, RS6, Chiron, RSQ8, name checking the RS6 as his preferred everyday car, adding that he uses that car when he is driving around with the kids or going for training

He also name checked Bugatti Veyron as the car in his collection he is most fond of, revealing that there are only 5 of its kind including his, in the world

Bugatti Veyron
Audi RSQ8
Audi RS6

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