Deal With Your Issues And Grow Up – Nigerian Actor, Ike Ogbonna Advises Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has invoked the wrath of the people of Nigerian and Ike Ogbonna has called out the self styled dancehall king for comments he made during his recent performance.

Taking timeout to catch his breathe during his stage performance, Shatta Wale took the time to address a matter which must have been pricking him all throughout his performance, calling out his supposed haters in the music industry who believed he would not be able to fill up a stadium and giving them a piece of his mind.

He acknowledging the love and support shown him by his fans from the one, he put them above everyone else, indicating he has never need Nigerians in his musical career and that his Ghanaian fans are his heaven and earth.

His comments have not gone down well with Nigerian actor, Ike Ogbona however, expressing his disappointment in Shatta for his comments which could destroy the unity between the two music industry in a time when they should be pushing on to grow together and collaborating more.

He said, “Mr Shattawalenima you are a total and complete disappointment. In a time where we should be growing together and helping each other through creative collaborations… You should appreciate the Nigerian artiste coz a win for any Nigerian artist is a win for Africa. How do you promote unity with utterances like this. This is very weak from you…deal with ur complex issues and grow up. As an artist I have featured in a few Ghana movies and I have worked with amazing, adorable Ghanaians here in Nigeria….You should totally apologize for this #hatespeech

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