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Ways To Live A Longer Happier And Fulfilled Life

We sometimes overly complicate life when it should not be so. Our inability to keep life simple robs us of our happiness and life expectancy, but I am here to share what I think when adopted would drastically improve our lives and even those we keep around us.

First step to living a longer, happier and fulfilled life is accepting that being human comes with limitation. You can not do it all or satisfy everyone so, the acceptance of this fact is the beginning of the discovery of a new leash in life.

Take the initiative. You hear people complain all the time about how sad their life but keep doing the same thing over and over again. You cannot keep doing the same old things and expect a different outcome, you have got to do things different, and doing things different needs you to take the first step.

Exercise, eat good and sleep well. Chasing after success is all good but it should not be at the expense of you body. This is so common that just when they have made the money they have been looking for then their neglected body begins to fail them. Eat healthy, workout to keep your body in shape and always remember to get your much needed shut eye.

Please mind your business. No I am not saying mind your business but please my your business. Some have gone as far as to say this is the secret to everlasting happiness and I am minded to agree with them. Do not make what is not your problem your problem, especially when whose problem it is has not invited you to help solve his or her problem. I do not think you have solved all your problems so concentrate on yourself.

Put yourself first. Its okay to care about others, its one of the many things that make us human but some of us are guilty of putting others before ourselves. Do not do that, especially for people who would not put you at number 10.

Laugh a lot and frown less. Science has shown that laughter has so much positivity on the body from reducing blood pressure to reducing wrinkles on the face enhancing youthfulness and what have you. Remember that the problems are always going to be there and as you solve old ones new ones keep popping up so the least we can do is face our problems with a light heart.

Be at peace with family and friends. Human beings are social beings that is we do better around our fellow human beings. That is why it is very important that at all times we are at peace with our family and friends because when the world turns against us, it is this group of people who will have our backs no matter what.

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