Liverpool Striker, Mohamed Salah Criticized For Celebrating Christmas

‘Egyptian king’, Liverpool striker and arguably the English Premier League’s best player this season, Mohamed Salah has the target of criticism from moslems across world after he announced that he would be celebrating Christmas.

The Liverpool striker gathered his family around a Christmas tree, all clad in their Christmas garment to join Christians in their celebration of the birth of Christ. This action of his did not sit well with the online moslem community however to tried calling the player to order, reminding him that it is ‘haram’ to partake in such festivities.

Here are some comments from some Moslems calling Mohamed Salah to order;

@Moha_oz wrote: You are a great player, a good human being, and God has blessed you with money, fame, and the love of people, but know who has provided you with all of this capable of taking it from you in the blink of an eye. Know that you celebrate a day in which they claim that God gives birth to the likes of us, and a day when God is cursed and insulted, so do not be the seat and imprint of their actions, and respect the one who provided you with sustenance and gave you your dreams and purified him from the accusations of the people.

@_jamesamoo wrote: I have had enough of this, you do this every year and I have come to the rather difficult and irrevocable decision of selling you from my FPL. You mean nothing to me Salah.

@fheedashali wrote: You prostrate to the one on Sunday if you score a goal and celebrate the one on Sunday that he has a son

@alvaro_motez wrote: I don’t understand why some Muslims are angry at Mo Salah for wishing us a Merry Christmas when most of us Christians also wish them to have a wonderful Ramadan, please can any of y’all Muslim explain it to me why is it a problem

@AmirKKR wrote: Muslims criticizing him ,it’s funny , As Holy Quran describes Hazrat Isa(a.s) known as Jesus Christ (PBUH) as Al-Masih ( The Messiah ). He has been mentioned many times in Quran . We believe in Jesus and Maryam . Ppl who r criticizing Who are you waiting for regarding doomsday?

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