Burna Boy And Black Sheriff Take Their Bromance To The Next Level, As They Link Up In Ghana

While Ghanaian self acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale is doing all within his might to severe all ties and connections with musicians from Nigeria, claiming that he does not need them to be a hit, fresh out of the box Ghanaian musician, Black Sheriff is taking a more diplomatic route as he aims to solidify his status as one of the best music acts in the country.

His relationship with Nigerian Grammy Award winning musician, Burna Boy is one that borders of respect and almost brother like. I cannot even seem to place my finger on where it all started but it is refreshing to see the old and the young living it up in the way Black Sheriff and Burna Boy do it.

The latest update on their ever growing bromance is, Black Sheriff has connected with his ‘mentor’ Burna Boy in Ghana as the two prepare for their world tour. Burna Boy has established himself as the biggest fan of Black Sheriff, captured numerous times in videos jamming to his first sermon song.

They consummated their bromance when the two put their musical acumen together into the perfect cocktail to come out with a remix of Black Sheriffs second sermon song which was well received in both Nigeria and Ghana

In a video sighted by standupgh.com, Black Sheriff meets up with Burna Boy in Ghana in what appears to be his hotel room and the Grammy Award winner is besides himself with glee and happiness to see his ‘protege’.

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