Only Little Men Hurt Others To Feel Powerful – Yvonne Nelson Takes Swipe At Shatta Wale?

The is so much friction on social media between Shatta Wale and Nigerians that if care is not taken, a comment you make could be taken as part of the whole brouhaha.

Take Ghanaian actress for instance, she took to her twitter handle to share a thought, “If you have to hurt others to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual”, little did she know that her tweet would be misconstrued as a swipe at Shatta Wale who currently has more enemies than he can handle.

Whether her tweet was indeed a swipe at the self acclaimed dance hall king, we will never know but one thing is for sure, the timing was wrong considering all that is going on and taking Shatta Wale’s comments into consideration before her tweet went live.

Shatta Wale while performing at his freedomwave concert a few days ago, took time off his performance to catch a breather and while taking his timeout decided to go on a rampage, first attacking his naysayers who said he could not be able to fill up the stadium and letting rip on Nigerians as according to him they take so much from Ghanaian artiste and give very little in return in the form of support.

Some of the words he used cannot be printed here due to policy agreement, but it is no mere coincidence that Yvonne Nelson chose to talk about weak men and attacking others to feel mighty, with a majority of netizens coming to the conclusion that her tweet was a direct dig at Shatta Wale.

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