We Need Equal Love – Jupiter Throws Support Behind Shatta Wale In Fight For Equality In Collaborative Relationship With Nigeria

The more I listen to people speak, the more I see the rationale behind Shatta Wale’s actions with regards to his war of words with Nigerian artiste, but that still does not justify the way he went about in putting his argument out there. He was wrong in that regard.

But he seems to have stirred many who were sleeping awake, one of such people to benefit from his ongoing confrontation with Nigerian artiste. All he is asking for is equal input in their collaborative relationship and Jupiter wholeheartedly agrees with him.

Taking to twitter to add his voice to the ongoing to and fro, Jupiter tweeted, “Imagine Nigeria media embracing our culture like we do theirs, booking us for shows like we do for them, only demon won’t agree to this…we need equal love and acknowledgement, not for Ghanaian musicians alone but to Africa as a whole”

Indeed the relationship between Ghanaian and Nigerian artiste is akin to a one sided relationship in which one partner loves the other more than he or she is loved and so always goes all out to make the other feel special while the other partner treats him or her with not the same love, care and attention. Eventually that partner will grow tired of always giving his or her all without getting the same energy back

That is what has happened between Ghana and Nigeria and Shatta Wale was the catalyst that brought about this conversation though his methods are to be questioned, he is fighting for the interest of his people and must be remembered for it.

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