Wishing I Was In Accra – Chance The Rapper

American rapper, song writer and record producer, Chancelor Jonathan Bennet, popularly known as Chance The Rapper has revealed where most he would rather be in the world right now.

Taking to his twitter handle, the Grammy Award winner tweeted that he wished he was in Accra, “Wishing I was In Accra”, he tweeted.

Accra is the capital city of Ghana and like most capitals around the world, it is the heartbeat of the Nation and the hub that houses most of our top music celebrities and is one of the top choices for celebrities who want to go on a vacation to have a first hand experience of Africa.

His tweet attracted the attention of his Ghana-Accra based fans who were besides themselves with happiness at the thought of meeting their rap idol with a cynic encouraging him to come over and that Sarkodie who happens to be arguably Ghana’s best rap will cook for him and then they both go to the studios to cook up some mad tunes together.

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