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American Rapper, Wale Gives Black Sherif The Nod After Performance With Burna Boy

The world is quickly waking up to realise just how talented Black Sherif is as a musician. First it was Burna Boy, who still cannot get enough of Black Sherif and his craft and the newest name of his ever growing list of admirers is American-Nigerian rapper Wale.

Burna Boy took so much of a liking to Black Sherif and his song the ‘first sermon’, so much so that he could be seen singing alongside the song in many videos. The ‘second sermon’ dropped and the energy from Burna boy did not drop that it was almost inevitable that they would do a remix of the ‘second sermon’ and they did.

And their friendship and camaraderie blossomed and the height of it was when Burna Boy invited Black Sherif to come perform in one of his concerts in Nigeria quite recently which in all honesty served as a platform to further project Black Sherif’s musical talent and that it did.

So far and so wide did the gesture from Burna Boy project the talent of Black Sherif that his talent was laid bare for American-Nigerian rapper Wale to see and he was marveled and at the same time taken in by Black Sherif’s raw talent.

Taking to twitter, Wale hyped up Black Sherif’s talent, tweeting, “Theat black sheriff joint is so crazy”

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